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Our Vision for St. Louis.

St. Louis Filmworks is a long-term vision to promote and grow film and media production

by attracting the world's best emerging storytellers. Below are the five key focus areas.

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The St. Louis Film Production Ecosystem

Talent & Crew Database

Location Database

Business Listing/Resources

Strategic Partners

Online XLerator

Build and create an online hub that brings all of St. Louis' resources together. This will be a robust online site database to help market and promote St. Louis. The hub will includes location reels, databases for crew, talent, locations and businesses as well as grant submissions, virtual workshops and news.

SLFW Virtual Hub >
Grant Opportunities

 Storyteller Submissions

 Script Analysis

 Distribution BOA

 Story Development Summits


 Grant Funding

To establish an endowment (grant) fund to award the best emerging storytellers to produce a range of projects utilizing the St. Louis film and media ecosystem.

SLFW Stories >
The Business of Show Business

 Filmpreneurship Labs

 Producer Labs

 Funding Labs

 Distribution Labs

 Audience Building Labs

Provide emerging, independent storytellers with mastery level educational labs on Filmpreneurship, Producing, Funding, Pitch, Marketing, Audience Building and Distribution. Initially, this will be a virtual platform for curriculum housed on the Hurlbut Academy (HA) website.

SLFW XLerator >
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Studio District and Creative Community

 Business Services

•  Talent & Crew Services

•  Studio & Sound Stages

•  Rental Houses

•  Development/Distribution

Modeled after Cortex, the goal is to purchase several acres of land in the greater St. Louis metro area in order to create a collaborative film and media ecosystem of services required to produce and mange high-end productions in St. Louis.

SLFW Studio Campus >
Venture Fund for Project Development

To create a venture fund for a network of accredited investors willing to inviest in a pool of diverse, fully developed and highly-vetted orginal stories to be produced utilizing the St. Louis film and media ecosystem.

SLFW Equity Fund >
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