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Finish Line Grants



During 2024, St. Louis Filmworks will provide up $2500 total in Finish Line grants to St. Louis area filmmakers to help complete projects.

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What is the professional finishing grant and is it right for your project?

Does this sound familiar:

  • You’re almost done with your project. Except you need to go back and do ADR...and you’re out of budget so you just have to wait until you can pick-up some extra shifts, freelance to cover the costs...which may take another six months.

  • To save costs, you’re doing your own color correction. It’s okay but you’d rather hire a professional colorist who would nail it, go ‘above-and-beyond’ in an afternoon but you don’t have the funds. So you’re wasting time and energy on a ‘meh’ outcome.


  • You really should hire an experienced marketing creative/designer to develop the concept for posters, key art and marketing materials but are cobbling something in Canva that’s ‘good enough.’

This grant offers financial support to filmmakers in need of small funding to complete a project in late production phase at a professional level. In other words, stop settling for ‘good enough.’


Grants are given for completion or near end phase completion; therefore, projects must have 80% of production finished and be in the post-production phase or ready to begin post as soon as funding is in place.


Grant funds may be used for ‘professional-level finishing’ costs such as closed captioning and audio descriptions, editing, special effects, graphics, music licensing, and photo licensing.

Note: Projects in development, script development, pre-production will not be considered.

SLFW is accepting applications until midnight of Friday 6/14/24. Do to limited volunteer hours and resources, SLFW will limit the number of applications at 30 entries.

Click here for Professional Finishing Grant guidelines.

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