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And Why St. Louis?

There's many reasons to considered St. Louis for year next film project.

Talented, experienced crew.

Much of St. Louis' crew are cross-trained in several disciplines, now how to achieve maximum output with limited resources. 


Permit are generally not required for most shoots, except street closures. 

Contact the St. Louis Film Office for details.

Affordable, lower expenditures

From day rates, location fees to rentals, St. Louis allows you to do more with less, or do even more with what you have. 

Diverse locations

St. Louis' diverse architecture, from uptown urban, to Americana, industrial blight and sprawling suburbs, can achieve many looks, create your story world or double for many areas across the country. Furthermore, St. Louis is surround by rugged terrain, bluffs, caves and remote rivers and lakes.

Need something? We can find it.

From unique vehicles, props, uniforms, oddball stuff (this is an old city, there's stuff in our attics) our local productions companies have networks to find and locate anything you may need.


What producers are saying form their latest proje

As a producer coming to St. Louis from New York a few years ago, I wasn’t sure

what to expect of the industry here. I found I was quickly pleasantly surprised and have only continued to find more and more positives of working and filming out here.   


There is a growing industry of dedicated professionals who have among the highest level of skill and creativity especially under tight budgets and timelines that I’ve experienced in my career. 


Another positive aspect is the general ease to produce a project here. There is very little permitting required, and from my experience the various local municipalities and even many local businesses are not only ready and willing but are excited and enthusiastic to help out in whatever way possible to ensure the needs and success of a project. 


If you come to film in St. Louis, you will find a very collaborative environment with a real concentration on using the many resources available and a huge hunger to produce the best possible project with a much lower price tag than in larger production hubs.


Michael Kennedy

I am a Los Angeles-based independent film producer who has made most of my previous films in Los Angeles. But after shooting my most recent feature in St. Louis, I am now spoiled.

In my experience, the local crews in St. Louis are as capable as, or better than, anyone I’ve worked with elsewhere. As a community, I have found St. Louis to be welcoming and hospitable.


I would highly recommend filming in St. Louis to any producer, thanks to the extremely positive experience I’ve had. I look forward to returning with more projects, hopefully in the near future.


Frank Merle, p.g.a.

What Else is Going on St. Louis?

You may know nothing about St. Louis. We understand. Below are some links to articles media highlighting St. Louis as a dynamic, creative and livible city. 

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Napa Valley near St. Louis? Investor plotting $100M revamp to turn Augusta into national destination
Steph Kukulijan  May 17, 2021

The winding curves and rolling hills of Highway 94 in St. Charles County make travelers work to reach Augusta, in the heart of Missouri’s wine country. The town, little more than a pit-stop for cyclists on the popular Katy Trail, is a pocket of crumbling Americana, with nearly as many shuttered storefronts as American flags.


But Augusta is on the edge of transformation.

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Feast Magazine

Side Project Brewing Is the No. 2 Brewery in the World, Says RateBeer
Kasey Carlson  Feb 17, 2020

Side Project Brewing has a new accolade under its belt, thanks to RateBeer.
RateBeer, a website that ranks and reviews beer, has named the Maplewood, Missouri, brewery the No. 2 brewer in the world. The ranking was decided by compiling over 4.2 million customer and industry reviews. Over 33,000 brewers were considered worldwide.

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The 10 best cities in the U.S. to move to right now.
Feb 11, 2020

Cities that capture that essential but elusive trait: livability.

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The Ascent

4 Reasons Why St. Louis Is a Great Place to Start Your Career.
Elizabeth Aldrich Jan 27, 2020

Forget New York and Silicon Valley -- have you thought about St. Louis? When you’re thinking of the best places to start your career, St. Louis might not be on your radar -- but that’s exactly why it should be.

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US Travel: 25 Best Places To Visit In 2020
Laura Begley Bloom  Dec 19, 2019

Why doesn’t everyone visit St. Louis, Missouri? And frankly, move there? As American cities go, it’s as vibrant, diverse and hip as it gets, and if that’s surprising, stop in next time you’re flying from New York to LA.

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Bio-tech company moves from San Francisco to St. Louis, unveils new product Thursday.
KMOV staff  Dec 12, 2019

A bio-tech startup company has moved more than 2,000 miles from San Francisco to St. Louis. Fresh from their move to the Gateway City, Readout Health is ready to unveil a new medical device to make losing weight easier. The gadget is called Biosense.

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The Penny Hoarder

25 U.S. Cities That Millennials Can Afford — and Actually Want to Live In
Alex Mahadevan  July 2, 2019

Forget San Francisco, Washington D.C. and New York City. This is a list for the rest of us twenty- and thirtysomethings who can’t afford to spend $2,500 to live in a closet in Bushwick. You probably haven’t seen many of these cities on “Top Millennial City” lists before, and that’s for good reason.

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My Modern Met

10+ Weird and Wonderful Things You’ll Find at City Museum, St. Louis

Emma Taggert  July 27, 2018

While there’s many amazing contemporary art museums around the world, St. Louis celebrates creativity at a whole new level. After all, it’s the home of City Museum—a surreal, ever-changing urban playground made from found objects.

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