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Finish Line Grants

Starting first quarter of 2024, St. Louis Filmworks will provide up $2500 total in Finish Line grants to St. Louis area filmmakers to help complete projects.

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Filmmakers are always raising money, working a second job to finance their film. But unfortunately, things always cost more than expected often going way over budget. The most frustrating part, sometimes you just need a little bit — $500, $1200 to finish a project or wrap shooting so they can begin editing. Or everything is edited and done but you need a small amount to have a sound editor clean up, fix audio.


Thus the need for Finish Line rants. These are for projects that are basically 90% completed. The application is easy, short, accessible.  The filmmaker lists the amount needed, what it needed for. SLFW requires the filmmaker to provide a demonstrable ‘before and after’ to show impact.


A pool of $2500 will be awarded in varying amounts based on applicants. Funding for the finishing grants is provided by our fiscal sponsorship program. As the fiscal sponsorship program scales, our goal is to increase the grant amount and frequency.


Example grant uses:

  • Audio booth rental, recording ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement, or recording

  • Sound mixer, editor to enhance, clean up dialogue

  • Hire an experienced Colorist/Stabilizer

  • Light CGI work (removing logos, phone numbers, masking out aircraft)

  • Contracting a professional CDP (Cinema Digital Packaging) service.

  • Closed-captioning, foreign language translation

  • Hire/pay a musician

  • Hire a graphic/motion designer for title graphics, credits, supers.



Eligibility Requirements


  • Grants are given ONLY for completion; therefore, projects must have 90% of production finished and be in the post-production phase or ready to begin post as soon as funding is in place.

  • Projects in development, script development, pre-production, or production will NOT be considered.

  • Grants are given to individuals with creative and financial control of the project. In the case of collaboration, a sole project director must be designated as the applicant.

  • Grants will be given to projects in any film/video format, of any length, genre.

  • Projects of a commercial nature (advertising/paying client), affiliated with a political party or ballot initiative, religious are not eligible. 

  • Student projects are eligible as long as the student maintains artistic and financial control of the project.

  • Members of the staff and Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and committees of St. Louis Filmworks are ineligible. 

When Will We Accept Applications?


We are shooting to begin accepting applications after the first of the year. Sign up for out newsletter and follow us on Instagram for the announcement.

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